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Clements Theory includes thousands of music theory practice questions, covering all key topics up to and beyond Grade 5 Theory.

Music Theory Practice Questions

Clements Theory's question bank contains thousands of music theory practice questions. The questions, which are organised by topic and level (corresponding to the study guides), provide an ideal challenge for anyone preparing for a music theory exam or studying music theory as part of GCSE or A Level music.

The questions, which are structured similarly to Trinity College and Associated Board theory exam questions, focus on very specific areas, and many of the questions are based on a musical extract to provide a realistic context. Because the questions are so focused, Clements Theory is able to precisely track your progress to show you where you are strong, and where you need more praactice.


The difficulty levels range from level 1 up to level 5. These correspond to Trinity College and Associated Board music theory exams, and are designed to be excellent practice for those exams. They also correspond to the different levels in the Clements Theory study guides.

Time Limit

Optionally, you can select a time limit. This is designed to provide a realistic challenge for those preparing for a music theory exam. If you can consistently beat the clock at a difficulty level, you should be well prepared for the corresponding grade exam!

Progress Points

All the questions you answer (whether correctly or not!) will count towards your Progress Score. You can find this on your personal home page together with the full history of your practice question performance.

Note for teachers...

Your students are able to select and answer questions freely using this area. Their progress score will be updated as they answer questions, and you can review their activity and performance at any time from your Clements Theory home page.

Music theory practice question examples:

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The learning materials are much more accessible than the books available, the exercises are excellent and the whole display is extremely user friendly."

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