FREE 40-part music theory course!


Ideal for freelance / private instrumental teachers

Clements Theory is the ideal music theory preparation for your students, and is an excellent companion to your instrumental lessons.

  • Focus on instrumental teaching while monitoring theory progress
  • Excellent preparation for Grade 5 Theory
  • Help your students progress past Grade 5 and improve their all-round musical understanding

The study materials and online questions are designed for students learning music theory from the very beginning up to just beyond the Associated Board Grade 5 Theory level, and is therefore ideal for GCSE, A Level, IB, and music theory examination boards including ABRSM and Trinity College London.

No software installation or downloads are needed for Clements Theory: everything you need is delivered securely through the web browser, whether on a desktop PC / Mac, tablet, or other mobile device.

“I've finished my theory exam and passed with Distinction, thanks so much for your help!!”

— Carmen
Clements Theory user and successful AB Grade 5 Theory candidate

"This software really helped us raise the standard of musical literacy of our students. It was easy to monitor the progress of our students in a single view and easy to see detailed reports of students' understanding."

— Paul A James MA
Head of Music, Bishop of Hereford's Bluecoat School

Extra features for teachers

  • Individual students' activity and progress can be monitored in detail.
  • Instantly see the student's strengths and weaknesses by topic, and the change over time.
  • Set assignments with deadlines and automatically mark the students' work.
  • Predefined assignments are available in each topic, or customise your own and save them for future use.

“Can I say how fantastic I think your website is?
The learning materials are much more accessible than the books available, the exercises are excellent and the whole display is extremely user friendly.”

— Paula
Clements Theory user and successful AB Grade 5 Theory candidate

“It was a very helpful site, and I have now passed my exam. Thanks guys!”

— Lara
Clements Theory user and successful AB Grade 5 Theory candidate


The best news is that Clements Theory is completely free for teachers.

There are two ways to provide access for your students, but whichever way you choose, access will be free for you as their teacher:

School-funded: Multi-user great-value annual subscriptions

Student-funded: Discount scheme for self-funding students

  • Both options can be combined and used by one teacher
  • Both come with a free "master" account providing full access for you to all study material, and allowing you to monitor student progress and set assignments
  • The best of both worlds to allow you to offer music theory tuition to your students in the way that suits you

It does not matter if you are not a formal "school": this option is equally available to private teachers with just a handful of theory students!


How it works

You buy a number of annual subscriptions at once, discounted for volume. You (as the teacher) are able to allocate the subscriptions to the students of your choice.

The subscriptions can be shared between a number of students and “recycled” when a student has finished studying for their theory exam.

5 students1 year£149
6 students1 year£175
7 students1 year£200
8 students1 year£220
9 students1 year£235
10 students1 year£249
20 students1 year£399
50 students1 year£599
+5 students after 50*1 year£10

*Further discounts are available for greater numbers of students; please contact us with your requirements.

Pricing is available and payments can be made in USD ($) and EUR (€) as well as GBP (£).

How to buy

This is completed by purchase order and invoice, and can be done in advance or from within an existing account.

Simply complete a purchase order form and we'll do the rest!

Purchase order


How it works

You apply for a free account with Clements Theory. You will then be given a special code which you can pass on to as many students as you like.

Your students buy an individual subscription to Clements Theory using the code. This will give them a discount (40%) on a normal subscription, and it will link their account with yours.

You are then able to monitor their progress and set assignments, but not view their billing information, set their password, or assign their subscription to another student.

1 student6 monthsFREE for the school
£16.20 paid by the student
1 student1 yearFREE for the school
£28.20 paid by the student
5 students6 monthsFREE for the school
£81 paid by students
(£16.20 each)
5 students1 yearFREE for the school
£141 paid by students
(£28.20 each)

Pricing is available and payments can be made in USD ($) and EUR (€) as well as GBP (£).

How to buy

Simply complete an application form, and once approved, we will send you the login details to your free master account.

Once your account is open, we will issue you with a student-funding discount code for you to provide to your students.

Apply now

Feature comparison

The table below shows which features are available to the school when using school-funded or student-funded subscriptions.

FREE master account
Access to all study material
Monitor student progress
Set student assignments
Discounted volume subscriptions
Discounted individual subscriptions
Re-allocate subscription / wipe student data
Change student password / view personal information

Combined subscriptions

Please note that both types of subscription can be used at the same time, and you can make changes throughout the year!
The table below shows the total cost when combining the two funding options in several scenarios.

Subscriptions (1 year)Costs
School-fundedStudent-fundedTotalTo schoolTo studentsTotal cost
5510£149 (£29.80 each)£141 (£28.20 each)£290
101020£249 (£24.90 each)£282 (£28.20 each)£531